Marshall Postnikoff

is an experienced photographer with an eye and talent for bringing images to life through post-processing.  Ordinary-looking photos can be much improved with the right editing. Marshall can help you choose a background for your pet and can make almost any pet photograph extraordinary.

How to order

Send us your favourite pet photo and we will convert it to an affordable original wall art, ready to hang on your wall.
We will assist you with choosing a texture, size and style.
We will send you a digital proof of what your original wall art will look like for your approval.
You can pay by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.
Your Pet Wall Art comes professionally wrapped, ready to hang on your wall.
Digital files are also available.


  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
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Many people like to give pet wall art as gifts. If you have a friend or family member who would like wall art or you like to order a pet memorial for someone, we're happy to send you a gift voucher.

Pets by Marshall

pet artCollingwood, ON, Canada


If for any reason you are unhappy with the production quality of the materials used, we
will replace or fix it at our cost. This includes defects such as loose canvas, bubbles, scratches fading or warping.